Last Updated on 3rd September 2014

Do you find yourself looking forward to February just so you can tell your significant other how much you love them – and wait to hear the same from them – on Valentine’s Day? And do you make sure you remember when Mother’s Day and Father’s Day are so you can tell your parents how much they mean to you and thank them for all they’ve done for you over the years?

We think we know what the answer is, and as great as that is, La Redoute isn’t really that impressed. The fashion brand wants us to be more French and adopt the French way of life and passion – and tell our loved ones how much they mean to us more than once a year. As often as possible, actually! You don’t have to wait ‘til a birthday or anniversary to pour your heart out!

Apparently 22% of UK residents haven’t said those three special words (“I love you”) in over a year, while only 30% say it on a daily basis. Pretty depressing, right? La Redoute wants to change all that, and as a result, has made the ‘Language of Love’ the focus of its latest ad campaign.

The ‘Language of Love’ ad campaign shows mothers, daughters, boyfriends, girlfriends, husbands, and wives (among others) writing down their true feelings in heartfelt written messages… and then films the recipients’ faces when they hear them read out. It’s pretty magical, and we encourage you to watch it, as well as follow La Redoute on Twitter and like them on Facebook.

We guarantee you’ll feel a little warm and fuzzy inside – and who knows, you might even tell someone you love them today!

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