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We thought we hit the jackpot when we first discovered Moroccanoil – the benefits of the product just keep on coming! Great hair, great skin, a great smell – what’s not to love?

Moroccanoil – an inspiring, innovative yet brilliantly simple beauty product – is presenting a brand new mini-series directed by Bryce Dallas Howard that discovers beauty through inspiration. The series has followed several inspiring women to discuss and celebrate their achievements and beauty.

Six of them – one of which includes hot British model, actress and Moroccanoil brand ambassador Rosie Huntington-Whiteley – can be heard telling their individual inspiring stories, and sharing their thoughts on inspirational women…

“I’m inspired by women who follow their hearts,” Rosie says in her video. “Women that care, women who dream big, women who embrace their journey that are tough, that follow their passion. I’m inspired by women who want to inspire other women.

“You meet these remarkable women and you realise it really is true. One person can make a difference in the world. They fight, they teach, they give, they invent, they create. These women allow the world to move them and are powerful examples of what one person can do if they let their inspiration take hold.”

Powerful words by Ms Whiteley there, we think you’ll agree. Some of the other women invited to take part in the mini series include Uncharted Play co-founder Jessica O.Matthews, FreshPaper inventor Kavita Shukla, The Sato Project founder Chrissy Beckles, Threads for Teens founder Allyson Ahlstrom, and Rebecca Welsh, the founder of The HALO Foundation.

You can find out more about these inspirational women and their work by watching their own individual videos.

This post has been sponsored by Moroccanoil, but concerns our own opinion.

This content was first published on and should not be copied or reproduced.

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