Last Updated on 15th October 2014

Life is full of fashion niggles. Whether it’s owning the most beautiful pair of heels that can’t physically be worn by any human being because they hurt too much or having to change from comfy flats to devil heels round the corner from work every morning or buying a fabulous clutch before realising everything you own is too big for it – there’s always something that gets our fashionista blood boiling.

A common niggle amongst women worldwide is the way each shop has their own unique sizing system. An 8 in one shop can be a 12 in another and then a 6 somewhere else entirely. If the shops can’t even decide on clothing sizes then how are you ever supposed to find something that fits?

Perhaps the biggest fashion niggle of all time is an ill-fitting bra. Underwire bras are a killer, but the alternative is an old fashioned, unstylish bra that resembles your granny’s undies – hardly the sort of thing to make you feel comfortable, confident or sexy.

Fortunately, a lingerie company called Triumph has found a fix to this last wardrobe malfunction – after all, life is challenging enough without little niggles getting in the way. As you’ll see from this video (which also highlights the high-heel hop we mentioned earlier) the secret is finding a fix for your niggle. And when it comes to ill-fitting bras that fix is the Magic Wire bra.

The Magic Wire bra replaces the traditional underwire with a clever piece of silicone that gives full support with full comfort. So the good news is that there will no longer be subtle bra shuffling to find some relief or bruised ribs from stabbing underwire – niggles everyone could do without!

This easy to wear, comfortable bra actually looks good as well but the quest to fix niggles doesn’t end there! Triumph has also partnered up with The Huffington Post for their #nigglefix campaign which aims to fix everyday common niggles through sharing.

I really like this idea of “all women together” and might post about my common nuisances. You could do the same and if you get on Facebook or Twitter you can post your own niggles, sympathise with other ladies or offer fixes. Hopefully you’ll even find a solution for your own niggles!

Don’t forget to use #nigglefix!

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