Last Updated on 15th September 2015


There was a time when plastic surgery was only something that the very wealthy secretly underwent.  These days, however, plastic surgery procedures have become quite mainstream for average Americans and much more out in the open.  Why is that?  

For one thing, a large segment of the population – Baby Boomers – are reaching an age where they are becoming concerned with the effects of aging on their appearance.  When that age coincides with the stage of life where disposable income seems to be at its highest, then it’s easy to see why more 60-somethings are opting to spend some of their disposable cash on plastic surgery.  Baby Boomers are living full, active lives and they want their appearance to reflect how young and vital they feel.

Aside from the procedures being performed on older Americans, there are other reasons why plastic surgery is so popular these days. It’s no longer taboo.  It’s quite normal to speak in casual conversation about the plastic surgery we are considering,as opposed to the hushed tones in which the topic was once discussed behind the backs of our friends who’d had “work done.” There’s no longer a shame or secrecy associate with plastic surgery.  It’s OK to be proud of making our appearance a priority. That’s one reason why plastic surgery has gained popularity in recent years.

Another reason for the popularity of plastic surgery is that there are so many plastic surgeons out there, making these services easy to find.  Websites such as I Like Plastic make it easy for people around the world to connect themselves with a variety of plastic surgeons in their area.  In our technological era, it’s never been easier to find a plastic surgeon that meets our needs.   You no longer have to try to find a plastic surgeon through covert methods, whilst never wanting to admit to your inner circle that you want to have work done.

Pardon the pun, but the “face” of cosmetic surgery has changed, too.  Once upon a time, if a person went in for a facelift, she had to pretend to hole up in a hotel for a week, pretending to be on holiday, while the wounds healed.  These days, however, patients can get back to work the next day (or even the same day, in some cases) following cosmetic procedures.  The fact that these procedures are much less invasive, painful and disruptive than they once were is another factor contributing to the popularity of cosmetic procedures.

Whatever the reason for the increasing popularity of cosmetic surgery, the fact remains that these days it’s perfectly acceptable to openly admit that we are going in to have a nip here or a tuck there.  It’s all part of living a life that subscribes to the adage “When you look good, you feel good.”  Whether you are looking to turn back the hands of time with the help of a plastic surgeon, to enhance what Mother Nature gave you, or to repair something that was broken as the result of an injury, a qualified plastic surgeon can help.

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