Stemming back to our nomadic ancestors, humans are hardwired to travel — whether you’re going on holiday, backpacking around the world, or even just visiting a friend or relative. While travelling can often be a hectic experience, there is no reason why you can’t maintain your style when on the move.

With the help of a few good accessories, you can enjoy the benefits of functional, reliable travel gear with all the fashionable appeal of modern-styled clothing. Travel is trendy, backpacking is becoming increasingly common, and the selection of attractive and helpful items has never been better. Here are three of the best travel accessories currently on the market.

A reliable backpack

Carhatt Watch Backpack from Northern Threads – £31.50

While it may not be your primary bag when travelling, your backpack is an essential piece of kit. You will use it on a daily basis to carry items such as food, water, travel documents and electronic devices, so the bag needs to be lightweight, durable, and visually attractive. While travellers can often opt for a large all-purpose rucksack, this is often impractical unless you are going on a long hike. You will find that carrying a smaller, lighter backpack is a much wiser option for daily use.

This Carhatt Watch Backpack, available from fashion retailer Northern Threads, is made from sturdy canvas, has multiple zip compartments for safe equipment storage, and is lightweight enough to carry around with you all day. It also looks great, and is a very fashionable brand.

Mobile fragrance

Twist & Spritz atomiser from The Fragrance Shop – £8

With the scope of modern technology available, there is no reason why you should go without luxury items when travelling, and this includes perfume and aftershave. The problem is that these bottles are often glass, and therefore can be very fragile. Travelling and glass bottles don’t really mix, so it is nearly impossible to be able to carry fragrance with you when on the move.

This Twist & Spritz atomiser from The Fragrance Shop is a safe, shatter-resistant option for carrying fragrance with you around the world. It is a clever little gadget, almost James Bond-esque, and at 8ml, the bottle is small enough to be carried in aircraft hand luggage. We would recommend taking advantage of the ‘two for £14’ offer here, so you can carry one in your hand luggage and one in your suitcase — they’ll be safe in both places.

iPad document case

Monolith iPad Case from Normans – £34

Believe it or not, technology giant Apple sold nearly 55 million iPads in the 2015 financial year alone. If you are an iPad owner, you will need a stylish but functional case to hold your device. With so many travel documents to carry around with you, you could solve two problems at once by purchasing an iPad case that has the space and the facilities to store your paper documents safely, while still looking fashionable.

This Monolith iPad Case from office supply company Normans has dedicated spaces for your iPad, documents, business cards, pens, and even a built-in A4 pad for making notes. Whether you’re an entrepreneur, a writer, or even just someone who likes to stay hyper organised, this leather-effect case will look great and serve an important purpose on your trip.  

You no longer have to feel cut off from your home comforts when travelling; these stylish and functional travel accessories will make your journey much more enjoyable.


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