Last Updated on 5th June 2016


We live in an age where it’s almost impossible to find someone who doesn’t own a smartphone, or at least who doesn’t know someone who owns a smartphone. Technology has without a doubt taken over our lives and we’d probably be completely lost without it. But every smartphone is incomplete without the necessary accessories to go with it, not only for appearance but to also make sure we can utilize its features and make the most of the handset. Here are 8 essential accessories:


One of the best investments that you can make for your smartphone are some great earphones. These can be used to watch shows, listen to music, listen to audio books or to give you some privacy on phone calls. A great pair of earphones can also be used on a wide range of phones so if your phone goes south, you can use them on your smartphone purchase. Many smartphones like the Samsung Galaxy S7 already come with a pair of quality earphones in the box, so if you’re satisfied with the pair you’re provided with you needn’t worry about going in search of another.


Another great accessory is the case that you protect it with. Now even if you are super careful and never drop your phone or do anything risky, they are still very fragile and can be damaged by something as seemingly benign as excessive dust or rain water going from the car to the house. A great case can help to protect from drops, water, shocks, and even dust.

Screen protectors

With some cases, a screen protector may not be standard. That being said, a screen protector is going to do a few different things. For starters it is going to help protect the screen from scratches. This is great if you intend to sell the phone or give it to someone else when you are done. Second, a screen protector is going to help keep your phone free of smudges and make it easier to see and use. Lastly, some screen protectors may be able to help keep your screen from being damaged if it is dropped a short distance.


Another great accessory is a stand. This can be beneficial if you watch movies or shows on your phone and you simply do not want to hold it while you are using it. Stands may be included in your phone case in some instances but an extra stand is always handy.

Alternative Power Sources

A mobile power source is another great accessory that every phone user can benefit from. These are generally battery operated and can add quick battery power if you are out and about and do not have access to a power outlet with which to use your charger.


For those of us that conduct a large amount of our daily business from our phone, a wireless keyboard may be a great investment. This type of keyboard is generally compact and can be great for those that want to use their phone for things like sending emails, typing papers, and even working on the internet.

Decorative Accessories

Another great addition to any phone are of course fun accessories to make the phone your own. Things like charms, stickers, cases and more are all great ways to make your phone fun and quirky without affecting the overall function of it.


Again, if you use your phone for media purposes investing in a speaker may be a safe bet. You can find some speakers that have built in docks where you can place your phone so you could do something like watch a movie without having to hold it as well as having the added benefit of a speaker.

These are all effective and essential accessories for your smartphone that can definitely help you to make the most of it and add a touch of your own personality to it too. Also, the great thing is that you can find all of these accessories for whatever device you may have, things like earphones are universal but it’s essential to make sure you are selective in the accessories as items like cases need to be tailored to your smartphone.

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