Last Updated on 12th November 2017

The advent of the Internet has improved many lives immeasurably, and for most of the changes and alterations that have added to our daily lives, the chances are we aren’t even that aware of them. This has indeed changed many previously established traditions, and one of these of course is how we shop.

Back in the day, when the world was less connected globally, we may well have had no idea what was further afield in terms of different produce. Nowadays we can buy any item from anywhere in the world and have it shipped straight to our door, but how beneficial is this new direction overall?

Deciding how much more useful or otherwise it is to shop online will tend to depend on what kind of things you buy, and how much free time you have. If you have the world as your oyster and no other events to complicate your routine, shopping in store can be a way to fill your day as you explore, but if you happen to be busy a lot of the time it could end up being a different game completely.

If you’re holding down a full or part-time job, have kids, a plethora of pets or hectic schedule, you may find yourself hard pushed to keep the fridge fully stocked.

This is where the emergence of online shopping can prove so useful: the option to scour through all of the available products and have it delivered at a time that suits you. As is often said, if we are hungry we tend to buy more food. If you are shopping with your little ones, they will undoubtedly be clamouring for some sweet treats to be thrown in the shopping cart, but an online shopping experience can limit this hugely and stop them complaining about a more healthy selection.

The only real downside to ordering online could be that the product isn’t what you were after, or it doesn’t fit as you expected it to. No need to stress though, as any reputable outlet will offer no quibble returns on their products. Your statutory rights will operate in the same way regardless of if you buy in store or online, so this problem can be alleviated very easily.

Shopping for gifts has also become a much more fun experience for most of us, especially if we no longer have to battle outrageous queues in the run up to holidays such as Christmas when people end up in a tug-of-war over something they don’t even want that much.

It also means more unique gifts can be purchased for loved ones at special times of year, without having to even leave the house. There are so many online retailers that the selection to pick from is larger than ever before, and you can find that product everyone is talking about without having to wait in line for ages, including items As Seen On TV.

Contrary to what some may say or think, online shopping also allows for more of a chance for local retailers to flourish. Due to high rents, start up costs and that sort of thing, setting up an online store can be a great way for a new business to sell and offer their wares without relying on huge loans and an influx of cash to get them started. This means there can be so many more types of products found online than in a store, and it may even come from the next town away.

There are also little benefits of shopping online which are hard to come by in store which can improve your shopping experience, such as the chance to save your weekly shop from the supermarket each week and just change a couple of things as you wish but keep all of the basics there.

All of these handy little measures can give you so much more free time over the course of the week, and allow you to spend time doing what you want to be doing, instead of being stuck in line, again.

Which do you prefer? Shopping online or oh the high street?

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