Last Updated on 22nd August 2016


One of the true skills of being a globe-trotting businessman is being able to pack lightly and efficiently for those short-haul trips away. In the 2009 film ‘Up in the Air’, George Clooney plays a frequently flying character who has packing down to a fine art, and, although fictional, has a lot of wisdom to share when it comes to business trips. One of his golden rules is: never check a bag it adds 30 minutes to your flight. He couldn’t be more right.

By leaving your checked luggage at home, you can skip the time-honoured tradition of standing in line at the check-in counter and head straight for the promised land of the departure lounge. In doing so, you can cut some serious time off the ‘arrive two hours before your flight’ guidance issued by most airlines. Even better, you can skip straight past the baggage carousel at your destination and go straight through arrivals. This can bring you one step closer to a well-earned rest at your hotel ahead of your business visit.

To help you adopt this sleek and minimalistic way of life, we’ve put together four absolute essentials that you’ll need to get you on your way.

Economical travel case

With most airlines cabin luggage dimensions being around 55cm x 45cm x 25cm, this Travelpro Flightcrew 5 roller bag comes in just under those measurements and uses the limited space inside for maximum carry potential. The company are famed for producing baggage favoured by flight crews and frequent flyers, and it’s easy to see why with its tough ballistic nylon, self-aligning wheels, and multiple outer travel pockets. You can’t go wrong with this bag.

Smart and stylish shirt

No businessman’s attire is complete without a smart shirt, and a standard white number is the cornerstone of any work wardrobe. However, there’s no reason that you can’t add a stylish twist on an old classic, something this Wood Wood shirt from Fat Buddha Store achieves with its subtle Timothy logo print. Pair it with a grey or black suit and a nice tie and you can go about your business while looking the part too.

Universal travel adapter

If you’re sick of having to figure out which travel adapter your destination uses or regularly travel to multiple countries in a single trip, this World Travel Adapter from Mini in the Box is a godsend. Not only will you never have to worry about which one to grab on your way out, but you can save space by only having to carry one at any time. Combine it with a compact multi-socket if you regularly need to charge more than one gadget at a time.

Noise-cancelling headphones

Although business trips are usually more work than play, you still need time to sit back and relax. If your down time falls when you are on the plane, and you want to spend it watching a movie or listening to music, the supplied airline earphones are often not up to the standard of outperforming the droning plane engines.

That’s where these Bose QuietComfort 20 noise-cancelling headphones come in. They use the latest technology to negate both the hum of the plane and the chatter of the people around you, to deliver a personal audio experience that is focussed only on what you are listening to or watching.

Invest in any of these essential items and you can look forward to a more streamlined packing experience with less need for bulky oversized baggage.

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