Typically, when you think of diamond jewellery, you may not instantly associate it with a male audience. However, thanks to a few huge stars like Kanye West and David Beckham, diamond jewellery is becoming more and more fashionable and acceptable in mainstream menswear.

With gender trends merging together more and more as each season passes, diamond jewellery is 100% an option for men – but it is very easy to overdo the look. If you’re not certain, take a look at these tips to pulling it off…

Not all of us can pull off a necklace. In fact, a lot of men would never even consider one. But, they are getting more and more popular. Style icons like Miles Kane and Johnny Depp are making it more and more socially acceptable to wear bit of neck bling. And the great thing about a necklace is it can be as subtle or as flashy as you like. The standard length of necklaces for men is 20 inches, which means it will rest on the collarbone, but you might want to go for something slightly longer for a more bohemian look. A simple pendant is a great choice because they add a lot of personality and a simple, small diamond could be perfect . Make sure you choose a more subtle diamond though – it’s sometimes easier to buy a loose diamond online so you can get perfect the look.

When it comes to diamond rings, men should go for something a little chunkier, rather than a delicate diamond. A glamorous looking ring really won’t be for everyone. Make sure you opt for chunky bands,perhaps with delicate diamonds surrounding the width. Pinky rings have been huge in the last year or so, worn by the likes of Leonardo DiCaprio and Bradley Cooper.

You’re either an earring kinda guy or not, let’s be honest. However, diamond earrings are now extremely popular in men’s fashion, largely down to the bold statements brought out by stars over the last few years. One thing that you need to consider when it come to pulling earrings off is the cut of the diamond in relation to your face shape. For example, a round cut diamond tends to suit a long face, whilst a vertical or square cut works better with round faces.

Keep It Simple!
Don’t go for any outlandish crazy design! It’ always a good idea to keep men’s jewellery simple, and subtle. Make sure you choose a smaller, clean cut diamond with whatever you go for. You should also try and keep it line with your overall style and try not to step too far out of the box, or you risk looking like you’re really trying too hard.

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