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If you’re reading this blog right now, it’s likely because you have an insatiable appetite for all things fashion. You love hearing all the latest news from the runway, new trends, plus tips and tricks for your outfits. And let’s not even mention the amount of clothes and accessories you probably have in your wardrobe! Being a fashionable fanatic can actually be channeled in some very useful ways you might not have considered; read on to find out how.

Write about what you know

So, you think you know better than others who have a fashion blog? Then put your money where your mouth is, so to speak. It’s more hip than ever to have your own blog and post about whatever makes you passionate within the industry. Want to explore the topic of sustainable clothing? Wish to highlight indie fashion brands you think are the next big thing? Have a desire to tell everyone the best summer outfits for going out? You can do this on your own fashion blog and much more. We regularly feature interviews with prominent fashion bloggers, so check out this one with Mireia from My Daily Style to begin with.

Sell, sell, sell

Maybe you hate the prices that many online stores sell their products at. Perhaps you think there could be a better range of sizes for people with a similar body shape to yours. Well, if you can’t find what you want elsewhere, then you could actually try your hand at selling products yourself. If everyone had the idea that ‘I can’t compete with the big brands so why bother trying,’ then we’d probably only have about three stores to choose from! Shoppers like variety and especially love it when they find something original and that no one else. It’s no fun to walk around and see 10 people wearing the same shirt you found at H&M.

You decide the designs, material, sizes, pricing, shipping options, marketing, and everything else that goes into an online store. It might seem a bit overwhelming at first, but this is where you can go if you want step one of beginning an ecommerce website. You could even buy and sell vintage items if you don’t like the idea of starting from scratch. Online commerce is only going up and up, so get on it while you can.

Remember that to sell effectively, you need a fully comprehensive marketing strategy. Yes, your website needs to be all singing and dancing, but you need a social media presence to generate interest, boost brand awareness too, and link to your online store. That is as well as thinking about more traditional forms of marketing. If you are serious about generating leads, why not embark on a online marketing MBA to help you create a dynamic and popular fashion brand.

Be a company representative

Being a fashion lover doesn’t just finish at buying clothes, it also extends to promoting companies who you really support and endorse. An online store named Serengetee gives a percentage of their sales to charities and organizations across the world, but to continue to do that, they need help from their customers and ambassadors.

The company’s website explains here about what it takes to be a Serengetee rep, but this is the summary:

  • Spread the movement on your campus
  • Compete in weekly challenges
  • Be active on social media
  • Want to make a difference

All those things seem relatively easy to do and will be especially fun if you genuinely love the products they sell. If you’re a particular fan of a store, then be sure to enquire about becoming some sort of emissary. There’s usually free swag to pick up, coupon codes to use, and sometimes opportunities to travel the world.

If you really love fashion, then by all means, show it by doing something that will make you happy!

This content was first published on and should not be copied or reproduced.
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