Last Updated on 12th February 2018

Do you often find it difficult to unwind on holiday. Are you unable to slow down and relax? 

We fully understand. While a vaction is supposed to be an escape from the fast-paced daily grind, unwinding and appreciating our idyllic surroundings, is easier said than done.

So, how can you be sure that you’re going to have a fantastic and relaxing time away this upcoming holiday season? Here, we share a few tips on how you can completely de-stress on your next trip abroad. 

1. Physical activity: You don’t have to run 10 miles every day or even engage in any strenuous activity.  A long walk will do the trick. Alternatively, go for a swim, if you’re lucky enough to find yourself located near a beach. It doesn’t matter what the activity is as long as you’re outside and enjoying your surroundings. 

2.  Meditation: If physical activity simply isn’t for you then you must try meditation. In an era when we’re constantly connected to our phones and the internet, a 15-minute meditation is the best way to clear your mind, calm your nerves and to be more present throughout the day.

3. Binge watch a t.v show: Whether you’re hooked on House of Cards, Stranger Things or just want to watch an episode of Eastenders with a cuppa and sweet treat, watching your favourite t.v show can be a source of relaxation and a much needed distraction.Depending on the destination, often online streaming services are blocked which is super annoying. However, worry not, just download a reliable VPN service and watch all your t.v shows for free. To find a good service use 2017 best VPN services.   

4. Organize a spa day: There’s nothing like a good spa day with a deep massage to soothe the soul and recharge your batteries. If possible request the use of essential oils such as lavender oil, rose oil, or bergamot oil during an aromatherapy session. 

5. Reading:  A wonderful book can transport you into a whole new world. Find a beautiful spot outdoors, ideally on a beach and take some time out to read that book you’ve had on your dressing table for the past year.


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