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Fitness is not only about the exercises you do to get your body into great shape. The foods you eat prior to your workout also play an essential part in the overall effects of your training.

According to, a premier source of knowledge on all things bodybuilding, the best way to provide your body with energy that will fuel your training and turn into lean muscle is to eat at least one full meal containing complex carbs 2-3 hours before your planned workout.

This will be your main energy source. Then, eat a pre-workout snack rich in proteins and start your training in about an hour. This will help you burn fat and get toned more effectively.

1. Greek yogurt with a banana

Greek yogurt and a banana is a light snack that gives you a boost of fast-processing proteins. This particular combo will be perfect before an HIIT (high-intensity interval training) or aerobics session. It will give you an instant boost of energy and improve athletic performance. This means you’ll be able to get more out of such an intense workout and speed up your fat burning.

2. Almonds or chicken with guacamole

If the main goal of your workout is to gain muscle not fat, you’ll need muscle-building proteins, and almonds and chicken are great for that. You’ll also be happy to know that these foods will show up on nearly every diet you search wondering what can I eat to lose weight? These are best pre-workout snacks to enjoy on the days you have resistance training. Healthy fats and protein will help enhance muscle growth after weightlifting exercises. Note that these foods will also enhance the natural production of dopamine and acetyl-choline. This will boost your motivation and enjoyment of the exercise.

3. Salmon and avocado

A piece of grilled salmon with an avocado smoothie or puree make the best pre-workout snacks for effective weight loss. These foods are mainly protein with a side of heart-friendly fats. They will enhance the efficiency of your training, which should be a fairly-active cardio with some strength-building exercises thrown in. As this snack is fairly light, you can enjoy it 30-60 minutes before your training. But you’ll need to make sure that the workout you get will be intense and involve a lot of aerobic exercises. This will help you gain muscle and lose fat at the same time.

4. Apple and cheese (low-fat)

An apple with a serving of light cheese or cottage cheese is another variation for one of the best pre-workout snacks recipes. It’s a source of fiber, vitamins, and protein for building the muscles. Make sure the cheese is light and you’ll definitely be able to gain muscles but no fat. The carbs from the apple will be easy for your body to process, but they will give you enough energy to last through a rigorous training session. This would be a good choice for aerobic and HIIT trainings. Enjoy this snack roughly an hour before your workout to give the carbs time to convert into energy.

5. Protein energy bars

If you are in a hurry or for some reason unable to get a more ‘wholesome’ snack, eating a protein energy bar can be a good solution. Be sure to get a whey protein one for the days of your resistance training. Otherwise, any specialized protein bar would do, so choose what you like. Best to get protein bars from Xite Your Mind as they are low in sugar gluten-free and vegan-friendly to keep you naturally energized and healthy. They are also blended with natural nootropics that will help you stay focused.

The most important thing to remember is that you must never miss your pre-workout snack. Eating something an hour before training is a must to not only enhance the results of the exercise but to reduce the risks of injury.

This content was first published on and should not be copied or reproduced.

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