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men's wedding attire

The task of selecting the ideal wedding outfit can understandably feel like an overwhelming one. After all, this will probably be the most photographed moment of your life, so you won’t want to be wincing in embarrassment in the years to come whenever the family album comes out.

But there are also many potential pitfalls when it comes to choosing male wedding attire, whether you are the groom or a guest. So, here’s some advice to ensure you make the right decisions.

Establish whether there’s a dress code

If it is you who is to tie the knot, it’s helpful to announce this to your guests as soon as possible. You should specify not only the type of outfit that is expected – such as black-tie or semi-formal – but also the specific environment in which the wedding will take place.

The latter does make a difference to both your own and your guests’ sartorial choices for the big day, given that the most suitable dress code for a beach wedding can vary greatly from the best choice for a French chateau property in manicured grounds, such as our own Château Bouffémont.

Start as early as possible on the selection of your wedding clothes

One of the most critical tips for any man to follow when getting ‘suited and booted’ for a wedding is beginning preparations at least 90 days prior to the special day.

Planning early will almost certainly lessen the stress that you feel about this important and tricky aspect of the wedding, but it also helps you to save money. If you come into the custom tailor shop just a few weeks before the wedding, you could easily end up spending more than necessary, including to correct any mistakes made in a rush purchase.  

If in doubt, consider a ‘classic’ Savile Row three-piece

For those of us who don’t exactly consider ourselves the last word in sartorial sophistication, it can be reassuring to have a certain ‘formula’ of suit that we can turn to, without worrying that we’ll go far wrong with it.

As for what that formula could be, we can’t think of anyone better to ask than head cutter at Richard James, Ben Clarke, who in a recent article for GQ, advised grooms to consider a “classic” Savile Row three-piece.

He explained: “By classic I mean a versatile, ever-smart suit that flatters your proportions. One where the jacket doesn’t look too long or too short, too tight or too loose, your trousers don’t make your feet look too big or too small and the waistcoat doesn’t make your body look too long or too short. A skilled tailor with a good eye will find this elusive sweet spot.”  

Don’t just settle for a carbon-copy of your work suit

The very fact that your wedding suit isn’t day-to-day attire enables it to be a little less practical than what you might wear for the 9 ‘til 5 – the emphasis is very much on what looks good in photos, while you’re standing up. You can therefore focus on having your suit beautifully fitted and opting for slightly more offbeat styling than you’d consider wearing to work.

In short, think individual rather than corporate, such as a one-button dinner-suit style with peak lapels and angled pockets, or a shawl collar in cloth.

There are many more resources that you can consult when you are attempting to assemble the ideal men’s wedding outfit; the website of The Black Tux, for example, has some great detailed guidance on what to wear to a wedding as a groom or guest.

What are your own thoughts on this topic? Feel free to share them below.

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