Last Updated on 17th July 2019

Squalene oil is a natural byproduct of the skin that helps to provide smoothness and softness. When we are born, we have squalene in larger amounts which results in the soft skin felt on babies. As we age, we lose the squalane oil and require more moisturization. Thankfully, Squalane oil can be purchased and applied to the skin for many benefits, including hydration and smoothness. But don’t mistake squalene oil for Squalane oil as you will be using an unstable product. 

The Difference

While Squalane Oil and Squalene Oil have only one letter difference in their appearance, they are very different products. While Squalene is naturally produced in the body, applying such oil to the skin will have a lesser affect than using Squalane Oil. 

Squalene Oil is a good moisturizer as it absorbs into the skin quickly. However, it is not stable as a product. Manufacturers produce Squalene oil with olives, and this causes the oil to go bad quickly. 

More Stable Alternative

Thankfully, efforts have been made to create a more stable Squalene product, which is Squalane Oil. Offered by Timeless skin care, the product is processed from Squalene and is more stable than the other format. Squalane oil will provide you with quality moisturizing as well as create a healthy glow. 

The oil absorbs into the skin quickly so it will adhere and provide you with nourishing benefits. It also works to boost the absorption of other products which helps to ensure everything you use is working correctly. 

It may seem silly that there is such a difference between the two types of oil, but knowing the difference is essential. Using Squalane Oil ensures you get all the benefits from Squalene without having to worry about the product going bad or failing to work properly. 

Applying Squalane Oil

When you purchase Squalane Oil and begin applying it to your face, break down your skin care routine. It takes only a few drops of the oil to provide your face with proper moisturization. For starters, wash your face so you have a clean palette. Use a derma roller from time to time to ensure the product adheres to the face and provides the best benefits. 

The Best derma roller  can be used to provide additional benefits of the product as well as with other products you may use. A derma roller is a tool that has a spinning top with small microneedles attached. You place the roller on your face and move up and down to create tiny crevices in the skin. 

Once the crevices are in place, you can use the Squalane oil and other products. The Squalane oil helps all the products you use go into the skin. Once inside, your skin will be able to enjoy the benefits of all the products you are using. A derma roller is a go-to tool that helps your skin to repair itself and take advantage of all the nutrients and benefits of the products you are using. 

Now that you know the difference between Squalane Oil and Squalene Oil, you can use the right product for your skin. Give the better alternative a try to see how you can benefit. Add in the use of a derma roller and you will find that your skin is softer, smoother and looks great! 

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