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Riding boots happen to be an important part of a rider’s attire. Experienced horse riders will agree that not buying a sturdy set of horse riding boots can backfire. Not only do riding boots protect one’s feet and legs from injuries, but also end up adding an element of style to the rider’s overall look. 

Now, buying a durable pair of horse riding boots isn’t a cake walk. To be honest, you need to keep a number of things in mind before hitting the marketplace. Also, it is just not advisable to buy a pair of boots just because they are cheap. If you’re looking for options, then buying a pair of brand new horse riding boots during a country boots sale is definitely an awesome idea.

Moving on, everybody just loves discounts. Nothing can beat the joy of getting to buy a new pair of riding boots at a price lower than the actual price, right? Getting your hands on a pair of brand new horse riding boots is definitely an exciting experience. A majority of riders prefer leather riding boots because of their classical look and feel. The sweet smell of fresh leather is the one to die for. If you’re planning to replace your old pair of boots, then Church Equestrian can certainly assist you in your bid to find the ideal set of boots.

Now, if you’re planning to buy a pair of horse riding boots featuring a leather construction, then make it a point to take good care of your boots. It goes without saying that leather boots are delicate. You need to keep them away from water. Leather begins disintegrating after coming in contact with water.  Also, you gotta polish them regularly if you want the shine to stay. 

Here are a few tips that’ll come in handy if you wish to keep your leather riding boots intact:

1. There’s nothing worse than a dusty leather boot

Dirt is a leather boot’s worst enemy. If you’re planning to buy a pair of leather boots, then ensure that dust and dirt stay at bay. Also, don’t let dust settle on the boots. Not only will dust take away the shine, but also weaken the fiber. Wipe them off regularly. Use a soft cotton cloth if you wish to clean your boots. Clean the boot entirely (including the sole). In case your boots are wet, then wipe them off using a dry cotton cloth. Keep them in the sun and let them dry. 

2. A leather conditioner will help 

Taking care of leather boots is a job easier said than done. A shiny leather surface happens to be a striking feature of your leather riding boots. If you want the shine to stay intact, then a leather conditioner happens to your best bet. You can get a leather conditioner at any given equestrian shop. Take a clean and dry cloth and put some conditioner on it. After you’ve done this, apply the conditioner on the boot quite gently.  Ensure that the conditioner covers the entire. Also, do not apply the conditioner excessively as it might give rise to a sticky layer on the surface of the boot.

3. Waterproofing is the way to go

The importance of getting waterproofing waxes and sprays cannot be undermined. A waterproof coating on can go a long way in your bid to protect your riding boots from water, dampness, and unwanted moisture. You can get such coatings done once a year. In case you’re using sprays, then use them gently. Don’t sprinkle too much at once. Also, make sure that you’re lubricating the zippers regularly. A rustic zipper can end up playing spoilsport.  

In the simplest of terms, your horse riding boots are the most important part of your riding attire.  Having a durable pair of riding boots at your disposal can help you enjoy a rich riding experience. Those who underestimate the importance of riding boots find themselves caught in troubled waters. In all fairness, riding boots are long-term investment. Make sure you invest in a boot that is tough enough to go the distance. 

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