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Your teeth play a significant role in the overall construct of your personality because a bright smile gives you a considerable shot of confidence. Moreover, maintaining oral hygiene also goes a long way in determining the overall health of your body. But, maintaining oral hygiene is not on the priority list of a large chunk of the population that leads to a lot of dental issues, and the most common one of them is tooth decay. 

Tooth decay happens when bacteria growing in your mouth turns retained food into acid, which starts to bite into the nearby tooth. This acid first attacks the enamel that protects the tooth and, with time, digs deeper into the roots of the tooth.  If it remains untreated, the tooth rots and falls off.

This whole process is harrowing, and its prevention is often not taken into consideration. Therefore, we have listed the seven most common reasons for tooth decay so that you can avoid this painful process.

Poor hygiene practices:

Maintaining oral hygiene does not only involve brushing for at least two minutes after every meal, but it also includes activities like flossing, which helps you remove particles inaccessible to the brush. Otherwise, these particles rot in a specific tooth and will make your tooth rot as well. It will not only be painful for you, but getting decent implants like ActOn Implants will also be painful for your wallet as well. 

Moreover, people with deep tooth crevices are seriously vulnerable to tooth decay because usual cleaning methods like brushing and flossing cannot clean the deep crevices. In that case, it would be a good idea to use a dental sealant but be aware that it can only be used on uninfected teeth.  

High Sugar Foods:

Foods like fizzy beverages that are rich in sugar and acids are cancer for teeth because sugary and acidic foods flood your teeth with bacterial acid, which makes your teeth rot. Therefore, add healthy foods in your eating portfolio and limit such sugary and acidic drinks to a negligible amount.

Dry Mouth Problems:

Some people do not tend to generate enough saliva in their mouths to protect their teeth from plaque. It happens due to the intake of prescribed medicines or conditions like diabetes. 

Inadequate visits to the dentist:

Make sure that you schedule regular visits to the dentist because a lot of these issues will be resolved if you work closely with your dentist and maintain good oral hygiene. 

Teeth Grinding:

Teeth grinding is more common in kids but is also observed in adults. People are usually habitual of grinding their teeth in sleep or when they are stressed out. This does not only put pressure on the joint of your jaw but also breaks the protective layer on the teeth called enamel. 


Aging is a natural phenomenon, and like any other limb and muscle in the body, oral muscles and teeth also weaken with age and eventually fall off. 


You may have heard that you get the color of your hair and eyes, your nose structure and other features from your parents. But, you can also inherit low integrity teeth from your parents who can fall off quicker than you think. 

Your teeth are a valuable part of your body. Therefore, all the controllable reasons mentioned above must be addressed holistically so that your teeth can enjoy a healthy oral life. 

This content was first published on and should not be copied or reproduced.

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