Last Updated on 3rd February 2021

We tend to associate glasses with looking awkward, not amazing. This is because so many parents buy cheap, clunky frames for their teenagers instead of something that looks good. This leaves them eager to dump glasses in favor of contact lenses, regardless of the cost or hassle involved. Fortunately, you have far more choices when it comes to style, and you can find lenses and frames that complement your face. Here are 3 tips for looking great in glasses.

Choose Stylish Eyewear

If you want to look great in glasses, you’ll want to choose stylish corrective eyewear that fits your face. Don’t buy frames that are too wide for your face. The glasses shouldn’t slide down your nose or pinch your temples.

The next factor to consider is the shape of your face. If you have an oval face, then rectangle, square, wayfarer and cat eye frames are suitable. If you have a round face, then rectangle, wayfarer and square frames are fine. If your face is rather square, rounded glasses are a good choice. Wear oval, round or wayfarer eyeglasses, and stay away from rectangle and square lenses. If you have a heart-shaped face, cat eye, wayfarer and rectangle frames are all suitable options.

The third factor to consider when choosing womens eyeglass frames is the frame color. In general, you want a frame color that complements your skin color. Avoid bright colors if you have fair skin. Neutral colors like brown, black and tortoiseshell are best in this case. You can add frame details like gold or silver accents. 

If you have a medium skin tone, solid colors are a viable option. You could wear blue or green frames. If you have darker skin, lighter colors are advisable so that the frame isn’t washed out by the skin color. The list of suitable colored frames includes tan, white and gold.

Coordinate Jewelry with Your Glasses

Don’t wear long, dangling earrings when you’re wearing glasses as it will overwhelm your face. Don’t wear bold, fashion-statement earrings with your glasses either as it will make the glasses seem drab. 

On the other hand, not wearing jewelry while wearing glasses contributes to a boring, functional look. The solution is to wear dainty earrings. Think small gold hoop earrings or sparkling studs. You’ll gain extra points if the jewelry is the same color or a complementary color to your glasses. 

For example, wear silver or clear stones if you have silver or clear glasses. If you have brown frames, stick to gold jewelry. However, if you have black glasses, you can wear any color, though classy black earrings with those specs are a great choice.

All other accessories on and around your face should be kept to a minimum. This means you should choose a fedora over a large floppy hat. You can wear a small barrette or minimalistic headband but not anything larger.

Pay Attention to Your Eyes

Your glasses will draw people’s attention to your eyes. This is why you want to make them look their best. This may include grooming your eyebrows, curling your lashes or wearing just the right amount of mascara. It means wearing delicate shades of eyeshadow and never overdoing it on the black eyeliner. For many women, it means wearing a concealer under your eyes to hide dark circles and wrinkles.

Say goodbye to the nerdy, dowdy stereotypes that come with wearing glasses. With the right combination of makeup, jewelry, and frames, it is possible for anyone to look great in glasses.

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