Last Updated on 15th October 2020

People often buy clothes in the shop, and after returning to the house, they don’t like those clothes. Do you know why? It’s because they don’t know which color suits them. Cloth selection is an art. Only a few people can buy perfect matching and suitable clothes every time. 

That is why we bring you some tips to help you choose the best clothing color for yourself. Read further to know in more detail. 

1. Identify the tone of your Skin:

It is imperative to know your skin tone precisely. Sometimes people buy the same color clothes by replicating celebrities. This type of clothes selection is often proved futile. So, you need to select the color that suits you, not a famous hero or heroine. Generally, there are two undertones: Warm and Cool.

Warm Skin can be identified if you have a yellow or orange tint, and cool Skin has pale pink or blue. You can figure out the color tone using the vein test. First, look at your wrist or palm veins. If you have warm undertones, you will see green-looking veins, and if you have cool undertones, you will see blue or purple veins.

2. Identify warm and cool colors

When you become familiar with your skin tone, you need to identify various colors. The main rule of color identification is that warm and cool colors have a yellow and blue tint. So, when you understand this bifurcation, you can quickly tell the warm and cold shade.

For example, reds, oranges, yellows, and yellow-greens are warm colors, and true greens, blues, and purples are cool colors.

3. Compare each cloth with your facial skin tone:

It is crucial to compare every cloth with your facial skin tone while purchasing. Many people buy unsuitable clothes because they found that particular color will look okay while comparing them with their facial color tones. So, when you go out shopping, always compare clothes with your skin tone. It will give you an exact estimation of how you will look in those clothes.

If you want to elevate your fashion sense, you need to select your clothes by considering your eye color. It is a tiny thing, but it makes a significant impact on your appearance.

4. Always keep in mind why are you buying clothes:

Color always Conway some emotions and feelings. You can’t wear a red gown in someone’s funeral. So, you still have to keep that in your mind. Colors have great power. It is also helpful in the job interview. For example, a sky blue shirt or white shirt reflects that you are disciplined and spread positive vibes. Some clothes are appropriate for particular functions. You need to understand this.

5. Identify your body shape:

Your body shape also has a significant impact on your cloth color selection. If you are fat, you should prefer to wear dark clothes, and if you are thin, you should wear light clothes. If you want to look slim, wear clothes with stripes. While picking up the cloth, make sure the base color is darker than the contrasting color.

Hopefully, from this article, you know how to choose the best clothes color for yourself. Now you can go shopping and afterward have a ecig to feel relaxed. Comment below if you have any questions.

Photo by Heather Ford on Unsplash

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