Last Updated on 1st December 2020

About 50 centuries ago, the people of nomadic tribes hand-loomed rugs out of the hair of camels, sheep, and goats. Pazyryk Carpet, made in 500 BC, is reported to be the oldest existing rug, up to date. Presently, rugs are made out of silk, wool, cotton, jute, polypropylene, polyester, etcetera. Considering that rugs were introduced ages ago, it indirectly gives it significant value. If you wish to add a hint of authenticity, richness, and beauty along with comfort to your home, go buy a rug! But, read the following useful tips, ere buying a rug. 

Bigger Rugs Are A Smarter Choice

Before buying a rug, know the size of your house and be clear about which areas you want the rug to be in. Whether your entire hall or just a little part of your dining room? Rugs may look a lot in quantity, making you think you have more than needed. For that, always ask for the help of the respective employee of the designer rug shop to measure the square inch of each rug and the square feet of the area you want it to be in. Purchase enough rugs to cover all the places you need, and it’s advisable to buy rugs mostly, physically. 

Durability Is Needed

If your home is always busy, you have to opt for a durable, natural dyed, tightly knotted rug like sisal material ones. Sisal material rugs have recently gained popularity, mainly because they have many knots per inch. That’s what keeps its color intact and new looking in the long haul. Even though antique rugs give more beauty, they are not as resistant as woolen, silk, and similar material rugs. 

Become Ambitious, Get A Patterned Rug

Firstly, getting an interesting patterned rug will add an aesthetic to your home decor. Secondly, a patterned rug means it’s tightly knotted and durable. Thirdly, it will hide stains and prints which means, the need to call the cleaner quite often will be reduced, and finally, this is where you can go full authentic, as the pattern can showcase your personality and become a real part of your living space. 

Style Is Important

Before purchasing any sort of rug, know the style of your room; the colors, furniture, and even the frames and showpieces all should be considered before buying a rug. Try new materials and styles of silk and Beni ourain rugs to best fit it with your preferred sense of aesthetic. 

Rug Cleaning

Be true to yourself and admit whether or not you are up for cleaning or getting your rug cleaned by professionals, whenever needed. Woolen rugs are a godsend if you’re not up for either of those. They’re easily cleaned in washing machines and quick to dry. Know yourself before acquiring a rug. 

Choose Your ‘The’ One

If something catches your eye and entraps your heart, go for it. A rug is meant to be an expression of self; therefore, you are allowed to go a little reckless, fickle, and change your mind. It may need extra care and cleaning, but if it speaks to you, buy it! 

The Bottom Line

If you want comfort, status, and beauty altogether, purchasing a rug is the best bet. If you follow the steps mentioned above, you will walk out with the best rug of your preference. Rugs fulfill the required needs and are available wide from most expensive to cheapest qualities, materials, styles, and prices. So, what are you waiting for? Get excited; it’s rug time! 

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