Your immigration status can be a massive burden on your wellbeing.

There’s always a dark cloud in the background that says that you might not be able to stay in the UK – and that can be a source of torment.

You can’t enjoy your life or work because you’re always worried about what might happen next. 

Stopping worrying about your immigration status, however, is possible once you learn the right techniques. You can forget for a time about the government and all the rules and just concentrate on living your life enjoyably right now. 

Here’s what to do. 

Let It Go

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Holding onto the idea that you have to control the immigration process from start to finish is harmful to your wellbeing. The fact of the matter is that you can’t step into the minds of immigration officers, pull some levers and strings, and then get them to make the decisions you want. It’s all very much down to your circumstances. 

In a situation like this, trying to take control of the situation will harm your wellbeing. You’ll continually worry about what the officials are thinking, and that will produce huge amounts of anxiety. 

The trick here is to do what you can and then relinquish control over the situation. Worrying about it won’t make the slightest difference to the outcome, so there is no logic in submitting yourself to such emotions. Let it go and see what happens. If your application fails, it’s not the end of the world. It just means you can try again somewhere else. 

Get A Professional On Your Side

Today you can get a lot of professional help during the immigration process. For instance, you can hire a lawyer for your UK spouse visa if you’re trying to help a partner achieve citizenship. Or you can go to a private firm to assist you with your actual visa application. 

Completing a visa application can be stressful because officials will not accept documents that contain mistakes. If you make any errors, they can reject your application and you might not make it in time for the deadline. 

Professionals get rid of this potentiality. With their help, you can complete all the forms perfectly and get practical advice for the best way to make your applications successful. 

Nurture Your Roots

Nurturing your roots might seem like a strange thing to do when you move to a foreign country, but it is a helpful form of insurance. If things go wrong and you can’t stay in the UK, then you can just return to your former life and try again. 

See Immigration As An Experiment

Sometimes you can get so caught up in immigration and see it as something that “must” happen in order for you to live your life. But that’s creating a high-pressure situation. It’s far better to view immigration as experimental – something you’re trying to do. That way, you go into it with a completely different mindset. You want to see whether it will work or not. If it doesn’t, it is not the end of the world. 

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