Last Updated on 10th January 2021

If you fall in love with black diamond engagement ring ideas, do your homework to make sure you have purchased the perfect gemstone. Black diamonds are unusual, mysterious, and create interesting’ cuts.

Below is everything you need to know about the black diamond.

Colored diamonds are available in various designs. Thanks to its bold and sturdy appearance, black diamonds have become one of the most popular alternatives to traditional colorless diamonds and other centerpieces for engagement rings and other jewelry.

Until recently, black diamonds were not considered high-end gemstones. This type of diamond became increasingly popular in the late 20th century when black diamond rings and other jewelry appeared.

Black diamond is as hard as a white diamond, and graphite inclusions usually make it more brittle. Due to their unique composition, Black diamonds are, known to be very hard to cut, and it takes a diamond knife to finish a diamond for up to one year.

When you wear an engagement ring with a black diamond, you can be sure that a lot of patience and love has gone into cutting the black diamond.

At present, it is easy to find black diamond engagement rings, bracelets, earrings, and other high-end jewelry. Black diamond has a very distinctive and unique appearance due to its dark color, which distinguishes it from other gemstones.

Black diamonds are often matching with metals such as 14k white gold and platinum, which makes the color of the diamond stand out. They are also often’ placed next to a colorless diamond for visual contrast.

Black diamonds are of two main types: natural black diamonds and diamonds processed to black. As with almost all gemstones, the first type – a diamond with a natural, black appearance – is much more valuable and desirable.

Origin of Black Color Diamond

It’s believed that the color of black diamonds is’ caused by graphite. Black diamonds have a large number of inclusions – small defects that affect the appearance of a gemstone. This large amount of inclusions is sufficient to change the color of the black diamonds used in jewelry.

Black diamonds are so full of inclusions that they turn the entire stone black – enough to create a jewel-like appearance. Among all gemstones, diamond is known for its durability and has a mineral hardness of 10 (highest possible) on the Mohs scale.

The diamond structure consists of hard crystals with recognizable natural streaks. Black diamonds are a bit different in that they are composed of numerous tiny crystals that are glued together in random formations.

Although they still rank 10th on the Mohs scale, black diamonds are known to have a greater hardness than most colorless diamonds. Before black diamonds were, used as gemstones in jewelry, diamonds’ were used for various functions because of their durability.

The Party and price of black diamonds

With black diamonds, it’s important to distinguish between natural stones and stones that have been’ processed to black. The first is much rarer and more valuable than the second.

Unfortunately, the practice of diamond processing is quite common. It means that it is often difficult to distinguish between natural black diamonds and diamonds that’ have been processed to be discolored.

If you want to buy an engagement ring with black diamonds, loose diamonds, or other jewelry, we recommend that you buy it from a reputable retailer. Alexander Sparks, which specializes in black diamonds, offers a wide range of natural black diamond jewelry and loose stones.

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