Last Updated on 4th October 2021

It can be daunting to have the doctor tell you need a hearing aid. Not only can the psychological process be difficult to accept, but there’s also the fact you may feel doomed to wear ugly, obvious aids for the rest of your life. However, modern hearing aid options are sleek and discrete, and you’ll easily be able to keep up a fashionable look In fact, getting the medical help you need to hear is an important self care option everyone should embrace.

Hearing aid facts everyone should know

If you have a clunky, bulky image of hearing aids, rest assured it’s outdated, especially since many of us get our information from Hollywood and sitcoms. It’s true that in the early days of hearing aids, there was a focus on function over form. However, with recent accelerations in tech, today’s hearing aids are slim and discreet, while also offering you some style and customization options. 

This is representative of a far bigger trend in medicine. While it was once believed that looks don’t matter provided the function is accomplished, modern medicine understands that the way you look impacts how you feel. Today, greater efforts are being made to marry form and function so the user of medical tech doesn’t feel conspicuous, uncomfortable, and singled out. Today, you’ll find custom hearing aids that can be molded to the shape of your ear, and even budget-friendly models will have customizable fits and slim profiles. Your new hearing aid will soon become part of your unique fashion identity, just like everything else you wear.

Looking your best in a hearing aid

If you take a moment to browse hearing aids that are rechargeable, you will find everything from discreet flesh tones to over-the-top, stylish shapes, and wild colours. We’ve even seen some bedazzled hearing aids. Whatever trends 2021 holds, you can match your hearing aid to them.

If you want to be practical without making a fashion statement, a wide range of black and nude-colored aids are on the market. Look for a snug profile that fits your ear comfortably, and that you can imagine wearing for longer periods. Once you’ve narrowed down some comfortable options, consider practicality. Are you able to make a statement with multi-colored, jeweled hearing aids, or do you need something that will be versatile enough to match your entire wardrobe? This will help you narrow down styles. Remember that there are some customizable hearing aid ‘bling’ options on sites like Etsy you can add to the base unit for a more personal touch.

Keeping your hearing aid maintained

Once you’ve made the investment in a good hearing aid, there’s one more step you need to take to keep it looking good. Everyone should know the basic maintenance for their hearing aid, and if you aren’t sure yet, try this handy page from Helix Hearing Care. Regular maintenance won’t only keep your hearing aid looking good, it will also ensure that the device keeps working perfectly for years to come, helping you comfortably navigate the world. 

Who said medical needs and fashion can’t work together? Wearing a hearing aid doesn’t mean you’re doomed to a clunky device. Modern hearing aids can be used in sport, look discreet in day-to-day life, and fit comfortably too.

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