Last Updated on 29th July 2021

Many people often do not realise quickly enough that holidaying somewhere and enjoying it does not mean that you are ready to live there and have your whole life there. However, there are many differences between both which are either positive and beneficial or negative and bad, all these differences should be taken into consideration especially if you are an individual who is considering one or the other.

Differences between the both:

Holidays can be viewed through many different lenses and also pursued for many different reasons. Most of the time holidays are viewed as a form of relaxation and method to help individuals distress. But that is not always the case, many people go for a variety of different reasons, some people even holiday back and forth to the same location because sometimes these temporary trips engrave deep love in people’s hearts. 

When individuals travel to different countries, they are often treated completely different compared to people that actually live within those countries. There are many reasons as to why tourists are treated differently, and it is why many have a totally different view of the country. The most common reason is that treating tourists well and providing a good experience for them is crucial in improving tourist rates which helps the country to grow through travel interest etc. This is not to say that all foreign countries treat their citizens bad but, in every country, tourists are always often treated better than common residents.

Another difference would be that the magic of travelling to that country will fade away when you live there because you will become so used to it that it will not amaze you anymore like it used to. Holidaying to certain locations repeatedly to bring you comfort will be taken away from you when you live there because if you want to distress and get away from problems you will not be able to vacation at your usual spot as it will be home now.

Also, when holidaying you often are not able to speak the language of that country or can only speak a certain number of words. However, if you are planning on moving to that location you will have to learn that language to fit in and not stick out like a sore thumb. For some that can be viewed as too much effort and difficulty however for others, it can be seen as a productive challenge that will help them grow and understand the beautiful culture of that country. The locals and community will appreciate efforts made to understand their culture better so that you can respect it better and get more involved.

Another thing to consider is that when going on holiday you often stay at places such as hotels, air b&bs, resorts or holiday homes. If you are considering on living there you will have to consider different forms of residence such as purchasing a home, static caravan, flat/apartment etc. Finding the right place to live is never easy and you will have to consider loads of aspects and elements which will lead to you to face many challenges.

There are many positive reasons to just holiday to a location and many positives to living in a different location, however, there are many things you will have to consider and go over, and many challenges will be waiting ahead of you. If you are determined to move to a location that you have often holidayed in then make sure you do your research and that you are prepared to get similar and used to your once fresh and new surroundings.

We hope that you are more knowledgeable now on the many differences between travelling somewhere and living there.

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