Last Updated on 13th October 2021

Even amid the pandemic, fashion has remained creative and fun even when it is hard to see the end of fashion. We recently saw many new fashion trends on social media and couldn’t decide whether we wanted to see them again. We saw a few things relaunched in the past year, including shoes and face masks. Take a look at these bizarre trends for 2021 and beyond.

Pop Colour Checks

Pop colour checks are a hot trend on the fashion scene. This retro-inspired style can brighten up any outfit and is easy to adapt for any season. For a monochrome outfit, you can pair bright pants with matching shoes and sweaters. You can also make a plaid blouse the star of an outfit by pairing it with a bright pair of pants. You can finish the look by adding heels or Alexander McQueen sneakers. These can be styled up or down to make you stand out wherever you go.


While neutrals have been a fashion trend, outfits that include coordinating neutral pieces are currently the hottest. For a chic and timeless look, pair neutral tones with one another. Pair grey and brown tones with pops of colour such as navy blue or yellow.

Oversized Shoulder pad Boyfriend Jackets

A boyfriend blazer from the 80s will create a long-line silhouette. The shoulder pads help to keep the overcoat in place at your waist and extend your legs. This outfit can be worn with either trousers or modern-style leather pants. The colours that are perfect for this trend are neutral, charcoal, and powder blue. For a sophisticated look, you can easily dress it up or down.

Pastel Colours All Over

Pastel ensembles are a great way to look sophisticated and cute this season. The improved version of soft, buttery colours looks impressive when worn with one outfit. You can also wear it throughout the year. For a retro feel, try a pair of lavender pants and a blouse with a lemon colour. Or add some tight pants and clunky shoes for a touch of the 2000s. For a unique twist, you can add dimension to monochromatic ensembles or explore patterns.

Bra Over Top

Although this isn’t a new trend, it was first introduced several years ago. However, it has quickly become a fashion statement. Although it might seem strange to wear underwear as outerwear, fashion aficionados have made it a ‘hot trend. Although the trend looks great on runway models, are we ready to see it in real life?

Tracksuit with Structured Coats

This trend is being embraced by fashion lovers and models everywhere, from the runways to Instagram. A tracksuit with a structured jacket is an excellent option for cold weather. This funky combination looks best when you choose shades that match or complement each other. You can give your outfit a more sophisticated look by choosing shades that complement each other or are similar in tone. You can style it with boots or sneakers – this is a great way to create an off-duty look and keep warm in the winter.

Black Face Masks

When it comes to protecting yourself, you can do it well with black face masks. These black face masks look great with any outfit and provide excellent coverage for your nose and mouth. If you are looking for something more stylish, choose a fabric that makes breathing easier.

This face covering’s beauty is its endless customization possibilities. You can look great in anything from a red trench coat to a unique colour block suit. You and others will be able to choose from various styles, including a classic or an accordion.

Straps and Strings

String details are now in fashion. You can skip the bows on a dress tied at the shoulder and instead crisscross the straps or tie them to one side. TikTok even showed us that even a basic cami could transform into anything, from a strappy neck to a skirt. There are even ways to use shoelaces to make a variety of looks. You’re not dreaming things, and the peek-a-boo thong is having a moment too.


Fashion has been focusing on androgynous designs since the 1930s. These designs range from oversized suits to more gender-neutral versions of our most popular wardrobe staples (i.e., Androgynous fashion is hot! These designs are more accessible than ever, and they are highly praised.

Jeans with Wide Legs

Wide-leg jeans are the new king, sorry skinny pants. It’s all about taking inspiration from the early 2000s. What better way to honour this period in fashion than by highlighting one of its most iconic trends? These bottoms are a flattering fit for the hips and legs and have a relaxed 70s feel. These bottoms can be worn with a cropped sweater, a single, or an oversized shirt or cardigan. You can play with colours and experiment with different styles. They will be your favourite choice for brunch or a day out with friends.

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