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The festive season – the most wonderful and expensive time of the year. These days, Christmas time has become more stressful than it is exciting due to the financial strain people find themselves under. 

However, this isn’t what Christmas time is supposed to be about! This season is about giving, sure, but it’s the thought that counts and nobody should be foregoing bills to put gifts under the tree. If you want to spoil your loved ones, there’s nothing wrong with keeping it small, simple and personal. Here are a few ideas to get you going.

Beauty Products

For the beauty and makeup gurus in your life, you know that this one will always be a winner, and you don’t need to go all-out. Buying one or two products that you know they love and use regularly will save them some money on their next trip and you know for a fact that your gift will be useful.

On the other hand, you could get them a product or a brand they haven’t tried before. You might like to encourage them to try some cruelty-free makeup products from Haleys Beauty, or perhaps a new lipstick colour that you know will make their eyes pop.

Drinks and Snacks

Who doesn’t love food? During the festive season, everyone is in the mood for food: comfort food, exciting new food, sweet food, savoury food, you name it. 

You could build delicious snack packs for your family members and friends filled with some of their favourites, some of your favourites, and some that they’ve never seen before. In this way, you’re totally in control of how much you buy, how much you spend and how personalised you make their gift. Be extra sweet and save even more money by baking them some treats by hand!

Budget-Friendly Gift Ideas


Books have become more expensive these days, but they’re certainly a more budget-friendly option than gaming consoles and other extravagant gifts. Grabbing a book for your loved ones can be a great show of your love for them and a great way to show how well you know them.

If they’re a foodie, buy them a recipe book. If they’re obsessed with a certain celebrity or sportsperson, buy their biography. If you know what sort of novels they like, you could pick up something similar for them. If you’re not entirely sure, it could be a good idea to buy them a copy of your favourite book and share that part of yourself with them.


We all have one of those people in our lives – the ones that go nuts for a simple notebook or pack of colourful markers. For people who love stationery, gifting can be easy and super affordable. Grab them a cute pencil bag, a few nice pens, a desk calendar for 2022 or a pack of new highlighters and rest assured that they’ll love you forever.

Keeping your gifts small yet thoughtful and personal is a great way to show your love without breaking this bank this Christmas. 

This content was first published on and should not be copied or reproduced.

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