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A great hairdryer is a perfect piece of equipment to have when you want to give your hair a new look at home. If you’re looking for a hairdryer that will help you get beautiful hairstyles and any kind of look you want, from sleek and glossy to bouncy and volumized, look no further. The GHD range of hair dryers has the best options to choose from. 

Read on ahead where we’ll be reviewing the best hair dryers

The GHD Helios Limited Edition Hair Dryer

The limited-edition GHD Helios hair dryer gives you more power and control. The dryer gives your hair up to 30% more shine and dries your hair faster. The GHD Helios uses a unique Aeroprecis technology that combines four internal elements to give you higher concentrated airflow. This allows for more precise styling and control. The dryer is also lightweight and ergonomically balanced and uses acoustic technology to reduce the loud sound of the dryer. It also comes with power and temperature controls, a bespoke contoured nozzle, and a 3m long power cable. 

Lastly, the GHD Helios is available in different colours as well. You can choose between warm pewter, black, white, plum, and ink blue.  

The GHD Air Hair Dryer 

The GHD Air hairdryer aims to get you the perfect salon-blowed-out hair in half the time. It uses a 2100-watt powerful motor and a patented removable air filter to give you higher pressured airflow for quick drying and reduced frizz. You can customize your hair drying needs with GHD Air’s variable power and temperature controls to suit your hair. The GHD Air is also easy to use for right and left-handed people because of its convenient ergonomic design. The long 3m power cable also allows for more flexibility and better styling. The concentrator nozzle means that you have complete control over the direction of the air and can achieve a smooth blow-dry every time. 

The GHD Air has also won over 300 beauty awards globally. This styling tool gives you excellent performance and innovation! 

a review of the GHD range

The GHD Flight Travel Hair Dryer

The GHD Flight Travel hairdryer gives you that perfect salon look on the go. It is the perfect small, lightweight hair dryer that you can take anywhere with you. It is actually 50% lighter than the original GHD Air hairdryer but gives you 70% of the power. You no longer have to use low-quality hotel dryers or go around looking for a dryer to borrow while on vacation. The GHD Flight Travel dryer has a dual voltage system so that it can be used anywhere in the world and a hair safeguard technology that automatically turns the dryer off if it is too close to the hair or at risk of overheating. 

The GHD Flight Travel dryer also has a foldable, compact design. The folding handle makes the dryer smaller and easier to pack into your luggage.  

Hair Dryer Accessories 

Good Hair Day also makes hair dryer accessories that can be paired with most of their different hair dryers. These accessories are designed to enhance the quality of your blow-dry and give you more styling options. 

  1. The GHD Professional Hair Dryer Diffuser

The GHD hair dryer diffuser is adaptable to GHD Helios and the GHD Air dryers. A diffuser is a perfect addition to your hair styling tools to help you achieve voluminous curls. You can use it to create tight, perfectly formed curls and more natural looser curls. The diffuser is designed to give you a salon-style finish every time. The contoured hard fingers lift the hair and help bring out the natural curl pattern while evenly distributing to air to reduce frizz. 

  1. The GHD Helios Hair Dryer Comb Nozzle 

The Helios comb nozzle is adaptable with the GHD Helios hairdryer. The comb nozzle is a great way to comb the hair from root to tip while you dry it. The two rows of tapered comb teeth bring out your natural hair texture. 

  1. The GHD Helios Wide Styling Hair Dryer Nozzle  

The Helios wide styling nozzle is adaptable with the GHD Helios hairdryer. The nozzle is helpful for styling thicker hair and lets you style larger sections of hair at a time. It is 88mm wide and gives you more control and a faster drying speed. 

Our Final Thoughts

If you’re looking for the perfect hairdryer to give you amazing styled hair at home, be sure to check out the GHD range of hair dryers. The GHD range is available all over Australia and is loved by professionals and regular customers alike. 

This content was first published on and should not be copied or reproduced.
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