Are you looking for a real challenge? A skill that combines multiple disciplines such as learning to read a new type of language, working on your brain-to-hand connection, improving your rhythm, and on top of it your social skills? Learning a musical instrument will be it. Guitar chords for beginners, for example, combines all of these skills and is worth taking a look at. 

What are the Benefits of Learning to Play an Instrument?

The benefits of learning an instrument are impressive. They range from building self-esteem and teaching perseverance, to relieving stress. There are some amazing reasons why you should learn an instrument. 

Playing a Musical Instrument Improves Memory

Many scientific studies and surveys have been made which prove that learning a musical instrument improves your memory. Astonishingly, it not only boosts your cognitive memory but also muscle memory as well. When you are learning to play a musical instrument, it requires you to use both parts of your brain, the right side, and the left side. Since the creative side and the logical side are equally stimulated when playing an instrument, your brain has to work harder. Consequently, your memory will improve. Scientists even use music training as a method of neuro-rehabilitation to help improve the function of the brain.

Music makes stress-free

Certainly, you have also experienced the strong effect music has on your emotions: it can make you sad or happy, melancholic or energetic, or even amplify the current emotion you have. No wonder, music can also calm you down. It has been proven that slow classical music can lower your heart rate and blood pressure, which in turn lowers the level of the stress hormone cortisol. The effect being: complete and total relaxation of your mind and body. If just listening to music helps, imagine what it can do when you are learning to play a musical instrument. Daily practicing and repetition will help to keep the stress away and unwind from the worries of life.  

Playing a Musical Instrument Makes You Smarter

Many studies have shown a correlation between musical training and academic success.  Research done on children revealed that boys and girls who had music training were generally smarter and did better in their academic studies than the ones who had not. Obviously, learning to play an instrument stimulates the brain, not only improving memory but also abstract reasoning skills, which are essential for science and math. No wonder, Einsteins is known for having been a great violin player.

It Can Build Your Confidence

Surely you have experienced the feeling of stage fright when you have to stay in front of an audience giving a speech or presentation. And you surely also remember the huge sense of pride and achievement after you have successfully completed the task. This applies to musical instruments as well. The more understanding and knowledge you have of your instrument and the further you progress in learning to play it, the more natural it gets to be confident in your skills and gain trust in your capabilities. This feeling of self-achievement will be beneficial in any kind of demanding setting such as exams or assessments and will help you to accomplish even more.

It’s Fun

No matter how many scientific studies there are, the most important point is: learning to play a musical instrument is incredible fun! Of course, there are many spare time activities that can make you happy. Hobbies are great for escaping from the drag of everyday life, making life more colorful. Some enjoy flicking through social media and watching TV to find distraction. They let themselves being flooded by pictures and clips, which can make them feel dissatisfied because they haven’t achieved anything or done something worthwhile. Playing a musical instrument on the other hand actively stimulates and engages your brain. It lifts your spirit, because it makes you feel occupied and happy. 

Playing a musical instrument is beneficial in many ways

Learning to play a musical instrument is exciting but also filled with hard work and struggle. It will require you to master new skills and take in a lot of new information, but foremost it is exciting and very enriching. 

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