Last Updated on 25th May 2022

You can take the girl out of the country — but you know better than to take the cowboy boots out of the girl’s closet. Cowboy boots are perpetually trendy, a piece of footwear that never quite goes out of style — as long as you know how to pair them with a chic outfit that is of the moment. There are still plenty of ways that committed country girls can stylishly wear their cowboy boots with pride.

Whether you are shopping for your first pair of women’s leather cowboy boots or you have a closet full of boots that you don’t know what to do with, here are a few tips and tricks for sneaking your favorite footwear into your fashionable outfits in 2022.

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Shirtdress and Cowboy Boots

A shirtdress is a women’s dress that looks almost identical to an oversized men’s button-up. Typically, a shirtdress is rather plain, in colors like white or Oxford blue, which means it begs for ostentatious accessories that will make the outfit shine. In addition to cowboy boots, which add much-needed character to the ensemble, you might don a wide belt with an interesting buckle as well as some statement jewelry, like an oversized necklace or long, eye-catching earrings.

Denim on Denim and Cowboy Boots

Denim on denim can be a divisive look, and if you are not careful, you could come off looking like Britney and Justin at the 2001 American Music Awards. A safe way to style denim on denim is by opting for denim pieces that are a bit more rebellious, like black or extremely distressed denim. You should balance your outfit with tight pants and an oversized denim jacket, and then you should put on your chicest pair of cowboy boots to draw the eye.

Patterned Skirt and Cowboy Boots

If you have a basic pair of cowboy boots that do not dominate your outfit, you need a clothing piece that will hold viewers’ attention instead. A boldly patterned above-the-knee-length skirt is a perfect choice. You should try to find a skirt with a pattern that fits current trends, and your shirt should be comparably simple to your boots, like a white or black button-up.

Blazer and Cowboy Boots

Blazers are big in 2022 — both in trends and in size. You can throw an oversized blazer over almost any clothes to add a touch of fun structure to your fit. You might try matching your blazer to the color of your cowboy boots, especially if they are in a neutral tone like beige or black. As for what goes under the blazer, you might try any of the other outfits mentioned in this list.

Sweater Dress and Cowboy Boots

Like a shirtdress, a sweater dress is a sweater that extends long enough to function as a dress. Most sweater dresses are extremely chunky, with thick braiding that adds interesting texture to the ensemble. Cowboy boots can provide a different texture as well as some color, which might be matched to a belt and bag to create a cohesive look.

Minidress and Cowboy Boots

A minidress ends well above the knee, showcasing long legs and drawing attention to fabulous footwear, like cowboy boots. You might look for a minidress in a style that harkens back to the 1960s or Y2K era, both of which have retro fashion looks that are incredibly on-trend right now. Whether you go with a bold pattern or a simple, sleek dress, your cowboy boots will be a central element of your outfit.

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Glam White and Cowboy Boots

A white-on-white outfit tends to be exceedingly glamorous, so if you have a pair of cowboy boots that scream glamor, an outfit like this might make the most sense. White-on-white is deceptively difficult to achieve; you need to be sure that all the white elements of your ensemble are the same white tone and that none of them have unsightly stains. To simplify, you might reduce the number of pieces in your outfit, opting for a white dress instead of many different layers of white.

Glam Black and Cowboy Boots

Though black is on the opposite end of the light spectrum from white, black-on-black is equally chic and works well when paired with cowboy boots. As with white-on-white, you need to be certain that the tone of your black pieces is identical, or else some elements might look gray or brown and ruin the effect of the ensemble. You can choose boots that fit the theme — i.e. black — or you can contrast your boots to highlight their unique beauty.

Confidence is what makes cowboy boots shine. Whatever you choose to pair with your boots, you should always put on poise and self-assurance, which are also always in style.

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