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Loafing Around: The Return Of The Loafer

Whenever there is a stampede of vertiginous footwear like those of the current skyscraper climate, you can be sure there is a thoroughly horizontal backlash just around the corner. Not that I am advocating an utter abandonment of all things heeled (I’m a heels girl through and through) it’s just […]

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Trends: Checkmate

Not usually one to partake in any item of clothing that might come under the banner of “androgynous”, I tend to ignore any call to arms for “sharp masculine tailoring” or “boyish style”. There is one exception, however, one item that lives very happily alongside my floral skirts and countless […]

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Love Your Style: Alexa Chung

Take a helping of quirky, add a touch of high street, a hint of vintage and a pinch of designer and voilà….you have the infectious style of Alexa Chung. TV presenter, Alexa has a knack of knowing what truly suits her and always looks comfortable yet chic. She doesn’t try […]

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