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Star Trek hits London’s fashion scene

We never thought we’d be writing about Star Trek on a fashion website, or any website for that matter. But then we spotted some photographs from the premiere which was held last night in London’s Leicester Square. And what was it that caught our eye? Well a Pam Hogg catsuit […]

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Feel the LOVE

The moment we’ve all been waiting for: the first issues of LOVE have been released. It’s a very exciting affair. In a mad frenzy the magazines were grabbed, and a fashionista blood bath ensued. A slightly calmer scene (by this I mean before crowds were allowed into the store, after […]

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The Fashion Week countdown: Pam Hogg

Whilst New York Fashion Week has been causing a stir with all its’ changing venue, lack of catwalks and love of Barbie antics. It is easy to forget how wonderful the month of Fashion Week truly is. And so we must start to turn our attention to the second fashion […]

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