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Feel Less Stressed With A Spiritual MOT!

We usually reserve the health and well-being posts for the New Year when like us we know you’re all in need of a much needed detox after the New Year festivities but after the stress of fashion month we’ve found ourselves not only battling fashion flu but generally feeling under […]

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How Heart Disease Uniquely Affects Women

Popular culture often portrays heart disease as a specifically male affliction. Have you ever seen a TV show or movie in which a female character clutches her chest and collapses to the ground while in the throes of a heart attack? While scenes like this probably do exist, they are […]

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10 Things Only a Quitter Could Understand

Anyone who has ever tried to quit smoking will testify to just how difficult it can be. To those who have never smoked, quitting seems like an easy, straight forward process. ‘Just don’t buy them’, and ‘Just stop’ are two common phrases non-smokers use when talking to a smoker. If […]

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