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Founded in 2003 by fashion journalist Michele Obi, My Fashion Life is one of the UK’s leading top fashion blogs. Recognised for combining all the quality content you’d expect to find in an online magazine with the honest opinion and tone of a blog, the site is updated daily with the latest fashion news, interviews, exclusive discounts, trend reports, celebrity style, tips and advice and so much more.

My Fashion Life takes a global approach to style and culture, and are firm believers that while fashion rules the runways, style needs a bit of substance in everyday life.

We love designer fashion, but we love a damn good bargain too, so while we might lust after Lanvin one minute, we’ll be traipsing to Topshop the next. For us, it’s about having fun and bringing you the most exciting information from the industry as soon as it lands.

We’re dedicated to bringing you the juiciest gossip from the fashion world and delivering the best shopping guides we can muster, because hey, we’re just doing our job. And it’s a good job we love it!

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