Pharrell in Papermag

I nearly fainted when I saw this pic of Pharrell. He is too cute, looking so fresh and so clean.

Papermag has a great interview with him:

Though he helped spark this year’s trucker-caps ‘n’ tube-socks trend, Pharrell is so over that gear now. At the Paper photo shoot he avoids the stylist’s tattered vintage T-shirts, saying, “I don’t wanna be looking like no Chris [Martin] from Coldplay.” Instead, he sticks with the Japanese vanity label Bathing Ape and his own line of duds, Billionaire Boys Club. Today it’s BAPE sneakers and skullcap; saggy BBC jeans and a T-shirt. Far from looking “60,” he’s handsome as can be, a fact not lost on the women in his life.

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