More contracts cancelled

Burberry, Chanel and Gloria Vanderbilt will be cancelling any future ad campaigns with Kate Moss as a result of her recent bad press. A Burberry spokesperson confirmed that they had come to a mutual agreement with Kate and decided it would be “inappropriate to go ahead” adding

“Kate has always been highly professional for Burberry. We are saddened by her circumstances and hope she overcomes her problems as soon as possible.”

Although Rimmel, H Stern, Fred Paris and Dior said they would stand by her it now appears that H Stern has also dropped the model and Rimmel has stated that they are “shocked and dismayed” at her behaviour and will be reviewing her contract.

Best pal Sadie Frost spoke out in support of her friend saying,

“Kate is a good friend of mine and has always been supportive of us.

”We have worked with her on many occasions and she has always been professional and fantastic. I think she has been set up and used as a scapegoat.”

Meanwhile Gawker made an interesting comment regarding the whole hypocritcal saga claiming that Anna Wintour might have a hand to play in her downfall…..

[Telegraph: WWD ]

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