Galliano’s tribute

According to Grazia magazine, Galliano, the genius that he is, has re-worked his famous saddle bag for Dior 12 times over, in honour of his 10th anniversary at the house. Each of the 12 different styles represents the 12 countries (China, Argentina, USA, Mexico, England, Russia, Spain, Morocco, Egypt, France, India and Japan) that have provided him with inspiration during his time with Dior.
Dior Egypt, India and Spain
Granted they are slightly gaudy, and are so detailed that you’d probably only get away with pairing it with perhaps an LBD as each one demands its own spotlight. However Galliano really has managed to capture an essence of each country within this petite bag. The scans aren’t great, and Grazia doesn’t show the whole collection but from the sneaky peek they’ve given us, I’d have to say , at the risk of sounding biased , the English version (below), is stunning and probably the most wearable.

Dior England

I couldn’t afford it when it first made its presence known and I still can’t afford it now, but if I could, I would definitely invest in this collector’s item. (click on the link below for Galliano’s take on Japan and China)

(Japanese Saddle Bag)
Dior Japan

(Chinese Saddle Bag)
Dior China
(Images: Grazia Magazine)

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