Casio G-Shock

gshock_casio.jpgWhat do you associate with the 80’s? Big hair, shoulder pads, He-Man, Dallas, Dynasty , Casio Watches? Oh what I would give to jump in a time machine right now and go back! To mark 25 years since Casio watches made their debut, Casio have re-released the classic G-Shock DW5025B and updated it with a stylish white band and bezel.

As always with these revivals its a limited version. I’m not too keen on Casio watches now although I used to love them back in the day and I wanted one SO BAD. However it would be good to get one of these babies for nostalgia purposes. They’re going for $130 and are available at G-Shock.

If you’re young enough to remember the 80’s drop me a comment with your favourite memories!

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