Spend or Splurge?

vera_wang_shell_header.jpgI love that fashion is, to a certain extent, getting over itself. We all know what it’s like to covet the latest Chloe bag or a gorgeous Stella McCartney dress, but know that spending this month’s (and possibly next month’s) rent on a single item is probably not the wisest idea. Designers have made concessions by coming out with less expensive lines (Michael by Michael Kors, Marc by Marc Jacobs, etc), but $300 for a dress is beyond the budget of most women. So, should you have to have a lot of money to look good? The answer is a definitive ‘no.’ Designers seem to be realizing this too, through collaborations with the Target GO line and Vera Wang’s latest endeavor with Kohl’s. Take the jeweled detailing on the Vera by Vera Wang shell, $54, $36.99; it encompasses a burgeoning trend, looks absolutely luxe and costs less than a monthly Metrocard.

vera_wang_shell.jpgNext season, feelings of guilt won’t radiate out of the corner of the closet where the shell has been relegated because it cost an entire paycheck. Sometimes, though, it’s worth it to splurge; while I wouldn’t say that a pair of Chloe boots are an investment piece, a great leather handbag is. The superior quality that inevitably results in a higher price tag can lend some of its artisanal glow to the of-the-moment pieces bought on a budget. This technique, combined with creative pairings, results in looks that are fresh off the runway.


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