BLASON by Pharrell Williams for Louis Vuitton

Rumours that Pharrell has been hard at work designing a line of jewellery for Louis Vuitton have been doing the rounds of a while now and finally they were proven to be true. The collection is called Blason and is actually a joint effort between Pharrell and Louis Vuitton’s creative consultant, Camille Miceli. It’s much anticipated unveiling occurred during couture week and pictures from the line have been floating around the internet since.

Our thoughts? Well to call the line pretentious would be an understatement. Most of what we’ve seen has been completely over the top and dare we say tacky?


But all hope is not lost…we’ve been charmed by this multicoloured bracelet….


The moral of the story? Cherubs and lots of bling just don’t cut it. But there is still hope that Pharell and Miceli can redeem themselves. Fashion Week Daily reports that “four separate and distinctly themed lines will be released this Spring, which means there is more to come.

Prices range from 1,400 to 420,000 Euros (approx. $2,070 to $621,000, £1,040 to £312,000)

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