Steep Vs. Cheap: Canvas Wedge Sandals

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Platform wedge sandals are staples in my wardrobe. Being very petite, I love to crank myself up with 3-5 heels on a daily basis and am rarely found in flats. I will admit, however, that as I get older, it gets harder to trek around the city in sky-highs around the clock. Aching feet and caught heels in subway grates seem to get less justifiable over time.

That’s why I love wedge sandals , the perfect shoe for the “vertically challenged heel lover. In general, they feel much more sturdy and comfortable than other high-heeled shoes, and the platform soles allow for a more dramatic height boost without any additional pain (bonus!).

STEEP: The two-tone leather and canvas wedges (pictured above) by Elie Tahari are absolutely gorgeous. The natural coffee tones complement each other, and the elastic criss-cross straps and rubber soles add extra ease and comfort. $275 available at Saks Fifth Avenue.

CHEAP: Can you believe that these canvas wedges are on sale for $29.50? With similar criss-cross straps and colour palette as the more expensive option, these classic wedges from Old Navy are a real steal!

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