Boutique Guide: Shop Jinny

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I spend a lot of time browsing different fashion-related sites online, and I do mean a lot! Some of it is for research purposes, and other times it’s because I’m looking for a particular item or I want something pretty. In the latter instances, I’m turning more and more to

It’s extremely rare that I find a boutique, online or in person, where the collection is extensive and I would wear literally everything in it. The boutique itself is located in Ohio (where I likely will not have the occasion to visit), but they offer so many items online that you wouldn’t necessarily ever need to visit the shop itself. And if you have a fashion conundrum, you can submit a question on the site and you’ll be contacted within 24 hours.

Labels offered include 3.1 Philip Lim, Geren Ford, Habitual, and other well-established lines, but Jinny also offers lesser known collections. This draped modal dress by Elijah caught my eye, as well as this cowl-neck tank from Line. These pieces reflect the modern-romantic aesthetic the shop has. Make sure to check out the sale section as well—the offerings are extensive!


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