Copycat: Minnetonka vs Jessica Simpson

So, I get that imitation is the highest form of flattery, but I can’t imagine the people at Minnetonka Moccasin company being overly pleased with Jessica Simpson at the moment. Her beaded “Mocca flat is a blatant rip-off of the classic Minnetonka “Thunderbird moc, worn by many a celeb such as Kate Hudson, Courtney Cox, Julia Roberts and Drew Barrymore (Kate Moss is also a Minnetonka fan, although she favours their boots).

Not only are the hot pink and parrot green colours really unattractive on this style shoe (with its origins in Native American culture), but they are about $20 more expensive than the original. When you make a copy of something in the fashion world, isn’t the general idea that the copy is cheaper than the original?

While I know Jessica’s role in the company is most likely in name only, it’s quite amusing that this situation involves a celeb known for her ditzy ways. To pick up a pair of the original mocs for yourself, visit Arrow Gift shop.

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