Fit Flops: Form Meets Function


Fit Flops first made it big last year. Engineered by Marcia Kilgore ,the founder of Bliss Spa, the sandals with “microwobbleboard technology promise greater calorie burn and cellulite reduction simply by walking.

While this sounds too good to be true, there has been a ton of buzz generated from every day women to celebrities, all who claimed to have toned their legs and whittled inches from their thighs and bum simply by walking in these shoes!

With the main drawback being a lack of coulour variety and styles, Fit Flops recently teamed with Kirna Zabete, a trendy boutique in NYC, to vamp things up with the introduction of the ‘Aurelia,’ an uber-stylish gladiator and boot hybrid.

Comfortable, chic and weight-loss inducing? (form meets function never sounded so good)! Shoes will be available in June, but you can reserve a pair online at

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