Barbie Makes a Comeback!

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When I was growing up in the 80’s, Barbie was my idol. I had Barbie dresses, shoes, tops and accessories in every colour and style imaginable. Now, more than twenty years later, Barbie will make a comeback in the form of a fashion collaboration with high-street chain, Mango. Don’t laugh , I’m serious!

Spanish fashion label, Mango (MNG), have decided to use a classic children’s icon as their muse in their latest collaboration, instead of the usual Hollywood pinup favoured these days by other fashion collaborators (and Mango, too). The Barbie by MNG Jeans will feature a six ,piece collection comprising of printed t-shirts with fifties, seventies and eighties influences. The inspiration is tacky meets edgy – a new image for the wholesome American Barbie.

I usually love Mango’s clothes , their partnership with actress Penelope Cruz and sister, Monica, was fantastic, but this one has me a little sceptical. It’s a little boring and bland, and not quite their style. But you never know, they could become collector’s pieces one day.

Keep an eye of for them in all Mango stores this July…

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