Model.Live: Fame and Happiness, Are They One and the Same?

It’s only two episodes into Vogue.TV’s Model Live reality show and we’re hooked. Granted that ANTM and Model Live capture the model at different stages of their career, but Tyra and her ANTM buddies should breathe a sigh of relief that Model Live isn’t airing on some television network because it’ll give them a run for their money.

Well, we bring you the second episode and it provides an intimate snapshot of Cato’s family in her native Holland prior to her departure to New York for fashion week. Trepidation and a healthy paranoia of the fashion industry somewhat blankets the family’s happiness for Cato (the sister is all smiles about it though).

Mother and father have polar opposite feelings about Cato’s foray into modeling, with mom being “worried about her [Cato] becoming too famous and father appreciating the “professionalism that is invested in the industry.

Cato’s boyfriend, Simon, is also introduced into the picture, providing a comforting balance to her already beleaguered parents. Simon’s support for Cato is endearing and we don’t see her modeling career coming between the two. Coaxing him into modeling wouldn’t be a half bad idea because he definitely has what it takes!

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