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Who: French label Manoush, launched in 2004 and quickly transcended their Parisian roots opening outlets in New York, LA and London soon after. Winning the affections of those looking for something ‘a little different’ Manoush designs are indebted to the philosophy that fashion should be about being an individual, not about following trends. As if straight out of a fairytale the collections are whimsical, imaginative and simply great fun.

What: The name ‘Manoush’ meaning gypsy is a clue toward the style of the collection, think Vanessa Paradis and French flea markets and you’ve got the right idea. With bags of bohemian charm each design looks like it has been painstakingly customised with great attention to detail giving the pieces that invaluable ‘one off’ feel. The collection has the charm that comes with vintage buys, but unlike real vintage shopping which can be a tad hit and miss all the winners are under one roof! Tassels, fringing, bows, lace even pom-poms it’s all there yet the collections to date remain pleasingly wearable.

Why: Manoush are definitely worth a look if you are after something individual and a little different. Their designs are great if you like to step out each day and not feel like a fashion clone! The collections remind us to enjoy fashion and to take some risks, which is after all what personal style is all about. So go on, j’adore Manoush. Their magical website is certainly worth a visit:

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