Weekly Round-up

Katie Holmes and Suri Cruise
Hear Katie Holmes explain little Suri’s high heels, see which luxury accessories brand have come under fire, and just how many times is Louboutin’s name mentioned in J-Lo’s new song?…

So that’s why little Suri Cruise wears high heels. Er, sorry, we still don’t get it. – Grazia

Alligator farmers are angry with Hermes for snapping up all the croc-skins. Whoops. – Purseblog

We wouldn’t want to fall on the wrong side of Rihanna at the moment , that’s gotta hurt. – The Cut

Louboutin knows the lyrics to J-Lo’s Louboutins song off by heart. Well, it’s not hard, the word Louboutin crops up 45 times. – The Daily

Ooh, Proenza’s gone online with its first e-commerce store. – Vogue UK

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