Coachella Style Special: Isabel Lucas

Wearing a maxi skirt isn’t exactly ground-breaking, but fashion newcomer Isabel Lucas managed to put an entirely original spin on the most wearable trend of the summer.

The Transformers actress has caught our eye recently with her eclectic hippy chic and pared down outfits, and her Coachella outfit was no exception.

A maxi skirt combining prints, tie-dye and various rainbow colours isn’t for the faint-hearted, but Ms. Lucas pulls it off with some serious flair. Unpredictably she paired the skirt with plimsoles and a lace vest and somehow made this haphazhard look a fashion do instead of a don’t.

Finishing it off with the obligatory hippy headband, she looked like she’d jumped through time straight from Woodstock.

We’re not entirely sure we’d give this look a go ourselves but we admire her bravery. Do you like Isabel’s festival style?
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