Five basic essentials for the perfect hen party!

Apart from spending the rest of your life with your wonderful groom and feeling like a princess on the big day itself, you girls know the best thing about getting married is actually the hen night. It’s the last time you can cut loose with the girls and have an uninhibited whale of a time.

So, for all you maids of honour who have a hen night to plan, we’ve hand-picked five essential items that your hen night couldn’t possibly do without. No boys allowed!

1. A Bride to Be cowboy hat

You definitely need a Bride to Be cowboy hat and veil so everyone knows who the woman of the hour is going to be. You don’t want her getting all Bridezilla if she’s not getting the most attention. Plus, there’s plenty of innuendo and conversation starters with a cowboy hat in the mix…

2. Shot glasses

Pre-hen night drinks are definitely in order, but you don’t want the bride and the rest of the girls to be filling up on cocktails before heading out the door. (You know what they say about breaking the seal too early…) Therefore, shots are obligatory, and nothing will get the party started better than shot glasses (neon preferably).

3. Dare cards

Ladies night hen party dare cards are another hen night essential – what we love most about dare cards in particular is their micro-size. It means you can carry on the embarrassing dares well into the evening. No one will ever know!

4. Diamante hen party transfers

Whatever the theme for the hen party is, you can’t go wrong with diamante hen party transfers as they can be ironed on to pretty much anything. Unless it’s a totally nude theme, in which case we recommend storing the iron somewhere safe and out of reach. Transfers are perfect for girls prone to getting lost on their way back from the toilets – makes it easy to spot everyone and return stray hens back to the coop.

5 Fallace-shaped object

And finally, because no hen night is complete without a fallace-shaped object or six, we present you with willy confetti!

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