Resell Your Threads for A Lot More Than You Thought: Online Uprising Avoids Consignment

When it comes to what you wear, you may want to start thinking about buying designer brands after all. If you’re a Target shopper when it comes to picking up your casuals, jeans, or clothes for work, it’s time to switch your game up, and here’s why: clothes have resale value—a lot of it.

We’ve always known that high end brands fetch more when we opt to resell them, but the fact of the matter is that when we gain weight, lose weight, or simply stop wearing specific items, they wind up in the back of the closet, being given away to friends and relatives, or donated to thrift shops like Goodwill, the Salvation Army, and Savers. Even for those of us savvy enough to make the effort to make some money back on our threads end up in consignment shops—and with the percentages back they offer those whose clothes they sell, the return is usually about 50 percent of the resale value. Even with clothes that probably shouldn’t be sold to consignment stores, it’s a practical investment to look for brands that will stand the test of time as opposed to a lower quality item, saving you money in the long run.

Now there’s a new and better way for online clothes sellers, buyers, and even the online ecommerce sites engaging in selling clothes for those of us spring cleaning our wardrobes, whether we’re unleashing designer brand jeans, work casuals, or designer bags and gently used shoes and accessories. Those of us unloading our closets stand to make a lot more—usually around 30 percent more than the old-fashioned brick and mortar consignment store method.

What’s more, retailers and online resellers are wisely creating what will likely be long term partnerships based on the knowledge that the average American enjoys their garments for a time, and then know there is a time to move on, based on styles, body changes, and feeling a specific style is “too young” a look to be age appropriate. With all these personal changes taken into account, this does not change the fact that many brands retain their value quite well.

And of course, there’s the obvious upside for consumers as well. Those thirty-something new moms who are passing on their amazing Gucci clutch off for a more practical, larger bag, they are also passing along the savings on said bag down to the next generation. With so many of these online retail shoppers falling right in the median age of their mid-twenties, there are loads of amazing, timeless fashions ready to be scooped up without breaking the bank. For small businesses reselling online, the profits are high, so it’s a win in all directions: the initial buyer of the item gets more for it than they would have before online reselling, the online reseller makes more profit than they would have if they were a consignment storefront, and the end-buyer saves more because the markups are lower without the need for resellers to tack on additional cost to make up for consigning. Everybody loves to look good and everyone likes a good bargain, and that’s exactly what makes online apparel reselling so hot—it’s easily done online or through apps, and everyone getting exactly what they want out of the process. Everyone literally looks great!

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