Last Updated on 12th June 2013

Kate MossOnce again Kate Moss demonstrates why she’s Britain’s top model. Very modest and true to her profession, Miss Moss has agreed to pose un-airbrushed and completely nude for the September isssue of “W” magazine. How many other supermodels would agree we wonder. Kate posed every day for 3 weeks for the compilation of this 40 page portfolio created by 17 artists and photographers.

W’s creative director, Dennis Freeman, justifies the full-frontal nudity by claiming to “give much more credit to our readers than I believe most magazines give to the readers”, and says that Moss was the obvious choice to be the subject of this project. “Kate has been our muse – ours and our photographers’ – for the simple reason that there are so many aspects to Kate’s personality,” he said. “She’s a woman, she’s a child, she’s a tomboy, she’s very sexual, she’s smart, she’s funny, she’s good, she’s bad. She’s probably one of the most beautiful, ordinary-looking women and that makes her interesting.”

a drawing by Takashi Murakami from the Moss Portfolio featured in September issue of “W”

(The September issue of W goes on sale on August 8)

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